Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

The pharmacovigilance is identified with accumulation, discovery, evaluation, checking, and counteractive action of antagonistic impacts with pharmaceutical items, and it is required in various phases of item life cycle, and the security reconnaissance and hazard administration. Data gotten from patients and social insurance suppliers by means of pharmacovigilance assentions, assumes a basic part in giving the information important to Pharmacovigilance to happen, keeping in mind the end goal to showcase or to test a pharmaceutical item, antagonistic occasion information must be submitted to the neighborhood tranquilize administrative specialist. At last pharmacovigilance is worried with recognizing the dangers related with pharmaceutical items and with limiting the danger of any mischief that may come to patients by security reconnaissance and hazard administration

  • Priorities and needs of PV at different stages of a product life-cycle
  • Challenges and opportunities in PV lifecycle management
  • It solutions for Pharmacovigilance
  • Safety surveillance and risk management lifecycle
  • Innovations and trends in clinical drug safety

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