Bioinformatics in Clinical Research

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary subject that helps us in collecting, analyzing and reproducing the biological data in Digital manner and developing software tools for the biological practices. With the use of Bioinformatics tools it becomes very easy to reduce the work associated with the Clinical Trials and Research.

Clinical bioinformatics ought to concentrate on Relating clinical practice and biochemical/ hereditary standards. The normal issue in clinical bioinformatics is relating micro scale findings determined from test information (microarray information, Serial Analysis of Gene Expression, linkage investigation, structure examination techniques as mass spectroscopy) and macro scale properties, for example, malady manifestations and metabolic pathways. At the occasion, there are not really any information that could satisfy the necessities on both scales: there are quality arrangement and comment information identified with micro scale wonders on the one side, and on the other there are clinical reviews portraying the findings on the macro scale.

  • Clinical Bioinformatics
  • Software tools in clinical research
  • Use of Databases in clinical trials
  • Computational approach in Clinical Trials and Research

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