Drug Discovery and Development

Pharma compounds which were developed in the olden days were discovered and developed either by identifying the active ingredient from traditional remedies or by serendipitous discovery. But the advancements in the science and technology has made the job easier by controlling them at molecular and physiological level. During the phase of drug discovery main reason for the disease is identified and the possible pharmacological molecules are discovered. Later effect of that molecule on animals, humans is tested and if further improvements to be made, are performed. This involves many steps like identifying the reason for disease, lead identification, lead development, lead optimization, testing, marketing.

  • Drug interactions
  • Clinical drug development
  • Insights Into A Disease Process
  • Drug development and study design
  • Testing molecular compounds
  • Screening and design of drugs
  • Misconduct and fraud in clinical trials
  • Paperless clinical trials
  • Improving site compliance
  • Study conduct and optimization

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